DigInclude - Digital Inclusion in the networked society for groups with special needs

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Swedish government agencies are to use modern language technology and machine learning in their striving to be understood online.

Digitisation is putting new demands onto us as citizens as more and more services are moving to the internet. These are services and information that must be understood by everyone, including older people, people with difficulties reading and writing, and all newly-arrived immigrants, to name a few vulnerable groups. It may be a case of various types of municipal information, a school’s communication with parents, summons to investigations, and much more.

This project is based on the challenge that it will be to ensure that all citizens are included in the digital society that requires an ever-increasing degree of access to services and information on the internet. The DigInclude project The research project DigInclude – Digital inclusion in the connected society for groups with special needs is a two-year project with a total budget of SEK 19.4 million, of which Vinnova is to pay nearly SEK 9.3 million.

The project will be conducted within the framework for SICS East Swedish ICT. Participants in addition to LiU are Linköping Municipality, Region Östergötland, 1177 Vårdguiden and Stockholm County Council, together with four companies that are all developing applications in the field: Fodina Language Technology, Linköping; Convertus, Uppsala; Symbolbruket, Linköping and Briteback, Norrköping.

Steering committee:

Arne Jönsson, project leader, SICS East Swedish ICT AB
Sture Hägglund, project coordinator, SICS East Swedish ICT AB
Magnus Merkel, CEO Fodina Language Technology, AB
Anna Sågvall Hein, CEO Convertus AB
Erik Kanebrant, CEO Symbolbruket AB
Johan Åberg, CEO Briteback AB
Lars Hult, 1177 Vårdguiden, Stockholms läns landsting
Catarina Thuning, Linköpings kommun
Anna Bowall, Region Östergötland



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