Mechanical Manipulators

Remote controlled cranes at APM Terminals Maasvlakte 2, Rotterdam.
Photo: Jonas Öhr

The application area mechanical manipulators covers different types of kinematic structures such as serial, closed kinematic chain type, and different wire based crane systems.

The application area mechanical manipulators covers all the core competences in LINK-SIC with emphasis on sensor fusion, modeling, identification, control and optimization. The common theme for the research within the application area is that the considered system includes a moving mechanical manipulation device with a purpose to act on the environment.

An example is a crane system that automatically should collect and move a container from a truck to storage place in shortest possible time, still maintaining the mechanic and geometric constraints imposed for lifetime and safety. Another example is a non-rigid robot arm that should follow a desired path with high accuracy, considering measurement of input angles, before the flexibility, and indirect measurements from the tool, such as from an IMU.


Photo of Martin Karlsson

Martin Karlsson

Head of Tightening Technique

  • Atlas Copco Industrial Technique AB
Photo of Stig Moberg

Stig Moberg

Senior Principal Engineer
Motion Control

  • ABB Robotics
Photo of Jonas Öhr

Jonas Öhr

Principal Engineer Automation and Motion Control

  • ABB Marine and Ports Västerås, Sweden