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Svante Gunnarsson


Svante Gunnarsson received the M.Sc. degree in Applied Physics and Electrical engineering 1983, and the Ph.D. degree in Automatic Control, 1988, both from Linköping University. He is currently Professor at the Division of Automatic Control.


Svante Gunnarsson's research interests include modeling, identification, control, and diagnosis of industrial robots. The research activities are connected to the VINNOVA Competence Center LINK-SIC.


Svante Gunnarsson is currently involved in the following education activities:

  • Examiner and lecturer in TSRT22, Reglerteknik (Automatic Control), for the Industrial Engineering and Management and Energy, Environment and Management programs.
  • Examiner and lecturer in TSIU04, Industriella styrsystem, for the Engineering Electronics program.
  • Examiner and lecturer in TSIU06, Industriella styrsystem, for the Mechanical Engineering program.
  • Representative of Linköping University within the international network The CDIO Initiative for development of engineering education.


  • Member of the Board of the Faculty of Science and Engineering (Institute of Technology at Linköping University.
  • Member of the Board of CENIIT (Centrum för industriell informationsteknologi) at Linköping University.


Center Director for the Competence Center LINK-SIC

Supervision of PhD students

Main supervisor

Mikael Norrlöf, 2000. PhD thesis: Iterative Learning Control: Analysis, Design, and Experiments.

Måns Östring, 2002: Licentiate thesis: Identification, Diagnosis, and Control of a Flexible Robot Arm.

Erik Wernholt, 2007. PhD thesis: Multivariable Frequency-Domain Identification of Industrial Robots.

Stig Moberg, 2010. PhD thesis: Modeling and Control of Flexible Manipulators.

André Carvalho Bittencourt, 2012 Licentiate thesis: On Modeling and Diagnosis of Friction and Wear in Industrial Robots. 2014. PhD thesis: Modeling and Diagnosis of Friction and Wear in Industrial Robots. 


Johanna Wallén, 2011. PhD thesis: Estimation-based iterative learning control.

Svante Gunnarsson: Curriculum vitae



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Svante Gunnarsson, Aldo André Diaz-Salazar (2023) A design-implement expericence within computer vision Proceeding of the 19th CDIO International Conference, p. 251-257


Svante Gunnarsson, Maria Swartz (2022) On the connectons between the CDIO framework and challenge-based learning Proceedings of the 50th SEFI Annual Conference Continue to DOI
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