Svante Gunnarsson's research interests include modeling, identification, control, and diagnosis of industrial robots. The research activities are connected to the VINNOVA Industry Excellence Center LINK-SIC.


Svante Gunnarsson is currently involved in the following education activities:

  • Examiner and lecturer in TSRT19, Reglerteknik (Automatic Control), for the Industrial Engineering and Management and Energy, Environment and Management programs.
  • Examiner and lecturer in TSIU04, Industriella styrsystem, for the Engineering Electronics program.
  • Examiner and lecturer in TSIU06, Industriella styrsystem, for the Mechanical Engineering program.
  • Representative of Linköping University within the international network The CDIO Initiative for development of engineering education.


  • Member of the Board of the Faculty of Science and Engineering (Institute of Technology at Linköping University.
  • Member of the Board of CENIIT (Centrum för industriell informationsteknologi) at Linköping University.


Research leader for the area Industrial Robotics within the Vinnova Industry Excellence Center LINK-SIC

Supervision of PhD students

Main supervisior

Mikael Norrlöf, 2000. PhD thesis: Iterative Learning Control: Analysis, Design, and Experiments.

Måns Östring, 2002: Licentiate thesis: Identification, Diagnosis, and Control of a Flexible Robot Arm.

Erik Wernholt, 2007. PhD thesis: Multivariable Frequency-Domain Identification of Industrial Robots.

Stig Moberg, 2010. PhD thesis: Modeling and Control of Flexible Manipulators.

André Carvalho Bittencourt, 2014. Licentiate thesis: Modeling and Diagnosis of Friction and Wear in Industrial Robots.


Johanna Wallén, 2011. PhD thesis: Estimation-based iterative learning control

Svante Gunnarsson: Curriculum vitae
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Selected publications
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Jorge Cerqueira, André Rezende, Waldemar Barrosso Magno, Svante Gunnarsson (2016)

The 12th International CDIO Conference Proceedings – Full papers Continue to DOI

Johanna Wallen Axehill, Isolde Dressler, Svante Gunnarsson, Anders Robertsson, Mikael Norrlöf (2014)

Control Engineering Practice , Vol.33 Continue to DOI

André Carvalho Bittencourt, Kari Saarinen, Shiva Sander Tavallaey, Svante Gunnarsson, Mikael Norrlöf (2014)

Mechatronics (Oxford) , Vol.24 , s.1032-1041 Continue to DOI

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