Media Design and Image Reproduction

Trafikövervakning - area control- på flöygplats

One of the main research directions in the Media Design and Image Reproduction area concentrates on the use of information-intensive systems, exploring and evaluating new concepts for interaction and information design in a variety of contexts.

Radar - system för övervakning av flygtrafikFoto: Thor Balkhed
A topic of particular interest is human-automation interaction, where the research applications are drawn primarily from air-traffic management and current research projects explore interaction concepts for remote tower operation, uncertainty handling and new approaches to decision support.

Another research area concerns experiential qualities and design techniques of immersive visualization environments. Emerging research topics include concepts for hybrid externalization in information-intensive multimodal augmented environments, combining virtual and material expressions.

The other main research direction within the area concerns image reproduction, with focus specifically on topics related to digital halftoning, paper optics and color reproduction, which includes modeling the complex interaction of ink, light and paper in halftone color printing.

A topic of particular interest is spectral color reproduction, which unlike conventional printing that strives to match the original for a predefined observer and under a specific illumination, aims to match the original for any observer and under any illumination. An emerging research area is appearance printing, utilizing 2.5D printing (also known as relief printing) with the aim to reproduce the visual appearance, including texture and fine details, of different materials and surfaces.

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