Sexual counselling for cardiac patients

Hearts on dry leaves

During recovery from cardiac disease, patients might struggle with physical, psychological, social and emotional issues. However, despite the well-recognized importance, current health care providers seldom discuss this topic with patients and their partners. 

Since several years (2002) I have described sexual problems of cardiac patients, studied sexual counselling by nurses to cardiac patients and their families and undertook activities to improve care in this area. The research in this area is reflected in 13 publications and 1 dissertation (Tialda Hoekstra, Netherlands, dec 2013).

Several educational bodies use the statement in their educational programs, for example locally the statement is discussed in the nursing program and in occupational therapy. The statement also has lead to several discussion in hospitals and primary care how to change practice with regard to this statement . We have written a practical articles in Swedish. In addition several national patient brochures on "sex and heart disease" are developed or revised.




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