SIMARC - Swedish Interdisciplinary Magnetic Resonance Center

Two men by a table experimenting with light in laboratory.
Laborations with laser in Fysikhuset, Linköping university Ulrik Svedin



The Swedish Interdisciplinary Magnetic Resonance Center is a cross-disciplinary research center,
aiming to bring together and facilitate idea and information exchanges between the disciplines
that use Magnetic Resonance.

SIMARC was born 18th November 1998 and it is situated at Linköping University in Sweden. The center covers a broad research area: Materials Science (Electronic, photonic and spintronic materials, etc.); Chemical Physics, Chemistry (catalysts, free radicals, etc.); Radiation Physics, Medical Science (e.g. retrospective, medical radiation dosimetry); Biochemistry, Applied Physics (protein dynamics and protein-protein interaction, etc.).


Our stated aims are:

  • to initiate and stimulate interaction between different groups, different research fields, and different disciplines, which have different advanced applications in magnetic resonance spectroscopy.
  • to strengthen the experimental knowledge on advanced optical and magnetic resonance spectroscopic techniques, and stimulate application of these techniques to new problems in various research fields.
  • to develop state-of-the-art experimental techniques, providing and maintaining the best magnetic resonance environment in Nordic countries.
  • to provide an excellent and environment for undergraduate and graduate education, and to create new courses covering a broad range of related fields.
  • to offer opportunities for external users of both academic and industrial research through a user program.
  • to facilitate the transfer of knowledge to industry.
  • to create a platform to enhance information flow and collaboration with international groups, and to attract external funding.

Facilities and techniques

These facilities belong to and are placed and managed by the group of Functional Electronic Materials.


Experimental techniques used

  • Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR)
    • cw-EPR, pulsed EPR
  • EPR imaging
  • Optical Detection of Magnetic Resonance (ODMR)
    • cw-ODMR, pulsed ODMR
  • Electron Nuclear Double Resonance (ENDOR)
    • cw-ENDOR, Triple ENDOR, ENDOR-induced EPR, pulsed ENDOR, OD-ENDOR
  • Magnetic Circular Dichroism (MCD)
  • Cyclotron Resonance (CR)
    • CR, optically detected CR (ODCR)

Equipment available

  • Bruker ELEXSYS 500 L/X-band EPR and EPR imaging system

  • Custom-made Bruker ELEXSYS E500 X/Q-band EPR and ODMR spectrometer

  • Bruker ELEXSYS 580 Pulsed EPR/ENDOR X-band spectrometer

  • Modified Bruker ER200D X-band ODMR/OD-ENDOR spectrometer

  • Home-built Q-band ODMR spectrometer

  • cw and pulsed W-band (95 GHz) EPR and ODMR system

Research Activity

The research activities at SIMARC cover several areas of various disciplines, including Materials Science, Chemical Physics, Chemistry, Applied Physics, Radiation Physics and Medical Science. The materials studied include novel spintronic materials and nanostructures, advanced electronic and photonic materials such as wide bandgap semiconductors and highly mismatched semiconductors, organic materials for dosimetry and biochemical materials.