Functional electronic materials

In the Functional Electronic Materials group, we conduct scientific research on various state-of-the-art materials. 

To successfully implement such a novel material in a real-world application, a fundamental understanding of the physical properties of the material is often needed, which is why we strive to understand both the fundamental physics as well as the applicability of the materials. One area of research that we are interested in is semiconductor nanostructures (for example dilute nitride and zinc-oxide based nanostructures), which we find promising for light-emitting and solar-cell applications. Semiconductor spintronics is another area of our current research, in which we seek spin-functional materials and novel spin phenomena with the aim to explore the spin degree of freedom of the electron for future spintronics, spin-photonics, and quantum information technology. The third research area is organic materials for low-cost solar-cell applications.

We conduct our research by means of a large array of optical, magneto-optical and spin-resonance spectroscopic techniques in our group. We also have a close collaboration with researchers world-wide. 

Our aim is to obtain a better understanding of fundamental physical properties and a good control of materials properties, and to fully explore functionality of the studied materials for applications in future generation micro- and nano-electronics and photonics as well as in potential multifunctional devices and systems.

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Our facilities
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Optical and magneto-optical spectroscopy (2-300 K, 0-10 T, UV-IR)

CW photoluminescence (PL) spectroscopy 
CW PL excitation (PLE) spectroscopy
Time-resolved fs-ps laser spectroscopy
Magnetic circular dichroism (MCD) absorption and emission
Micro-PL and micro-Raman spectroscopy

Spin resonance spectroscopy (2-300 K)

CW and pulsed electron spin resonance (ESR) (9, 35 and 95 GHz)
CW and time-resolved optically detected magnetic resonance (ODMR) (9, 35 and 95 GHz)
Electron nuclear double resonance (ENDOR) and OD-ENDOR (9 GHz)
ESR imaging (1 and 9 GHz)


Cyclotron resonance (2-300 K, 9, 35 and 95 GHz)

Cyclotron resonance spectroscopy (CR)
Optically detected CR (ODCR)

Advanced STM/AFM microscopy/spectroscopy
(UHV, 9-300 K, vector-rotating magnet up to 4 T, optical and microwave access)

STM/AFM microscopy
Spin-polarized STM
Magnetic force microscopy

Raman spectroscopy 

(6-300 K, 0-5 T, UV-IR, micrometer resolution)
Electronic Raman spectroscopy
• Structural  Raman spectroscopy