Tema T Exchange

Lucy Suchman at Tema T Exchange 2018.
Professor Lucy Suchman from Lancaster University during Tema T Exchange 2018 Charlotte Perhammar

The Tema T Exchange is an annual high profile event at which scholars of international renown are invited to debate issues of public concern. Our prominent guests join Faculty from Tema T for a public conversation around a topical theme. The aim of the Exchange is to foster discussions that place Tema T related research into broader societal and scholarly contexts.

Past years have featured Don Ihde (2015), Annemarie Mol (2016), Thomas Hylland Eriksen (2017), Lucy Suchman (2018) and Amade M’charek (2019).  The occasion is designed to maximise productive exchange and debate, by asking our invitee not to give a set public lecture, but instead to respond to a series of questions and comments submitted in advance by a panel of colleagues.

Tema T Exchange 2019

Who are We? - the new technologies of identity and belonging

Issues of identity and belonging are longstanding topics of considerable public concern, coming into particular focus in the light of widespread mass migration. This year we welcomed Amade M’charek (University of Amsterdam) to discuss these issues at the Tema T Exchange on November 13. 

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