Visual Analytics and Tools for Knowledge Visualization in School

A girl looking at a computer.

This project investigates how a Visual Analytics and tools for Knowledge Visualization in school settings could be combined to generate synergies in a learning process which not only aims at unveiling hidden facts but also develop produced knowledge that includes all its accompanying facets such as experiences, attitudes, perspectives and opinions.

The aim is to explain how VA together with KV interfere and can shape learning in social science classes in K 12 schools (from visualization on the screens to a growing body of personal knowledge) through the answers of two research questions:

  1. In which ways are visual literacy developed when VA, students, KV and other actors interact?
  2. How is the visual literacy affected by different didactic designs in the classroom?

Based on the results of those two questions the aim is also: to develop guidelines for didactic design and to develop a web-based information visualization and a visual analytics framework for educational purposes.

Project duration 2016 - 2022.
Research funder: Marcus and Amelia Wallenberg Memorial Fund, SEK 4.6 million.