Research in visualization, geovisual analytics and learning.

My PhD thesis is an interdiciplinary study. The aim is to explore, describe and analyse children’s use and learning when employing information visualization technology in school.

To delimit the study, Information Visualization technology is investigated at limited number of schools and by the help of one specific Information Visualization application. The study is carried out in primary school classes and turns to students in grade 4-6.




Research projects

Visual Storytelling

This project is being conducted in collaboration with the National Centre for Visual Analytics and the Educational Department in Norrköping in order to implement information visualization tools in elementary school. The project focus areas are:

  • Implementation of a Geovisual analytics in education
  • Introducing a Geovisual analytics to teachers with the aim to develop their knowledge about visual storytelling methods
  • Conducting research concerning teachers’ experiences and students learning processes when these tools are used within education (compulsory school)

Visual Storytelling Interacting in School

The aim of this study is to understand how technology for Visual storytelling can be shaped and used in relation to social science education in primary school, but also how social dimensions, technical and other matters create emerging learning conditions in such educational settings.

The point of departure is to study what activities that are performed when Visual storytelling technology are introduced, used and interact in the educational practice.

Empirical data from Swedish primary school students and social science teachers is used. The material contains field notes from the introduction of the Visual storytelling technology, focus group interviews with teachers; speak-aloud interviews with students and video recordings from the social science classrooms. The activities are analysed with a socio-cultural view of human action, but also actor network theory is used to also take account of activities of technology and other matters.

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