Wireless sensor network with green wall to improve indoor climate

In the foreground plants are growing on a vertical wall, in the background two women are speaking to each other behind a plastic wall
Thor Balkhed

We use our developed wireless sensor network to monitor and control green walls with different kinds of plants in one of our laboratories. We measure CO2, micro-particles and harmful gases, while automatically controlling lighting, watering and airflow using the wireless network.

The measurement results have shown that the green wall with a build-in fan reduces micro-particles 8 times more and harmful gases 3 times more than a passive green wall. Moreover, the green wall regulates the relative humidity in the air, improving the indoor climate. 

Details can be read in Sensorsportal

Please contact us if you need any help to do wireless testing with sensors, and wireless monitoring and control of indoor climate. We can work together with you to initiate new research and development projects. It can be a long term national or EU project, or just a thesis project of months. Our students are very interested in projects aiming at solving specific problems.


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