Older than one of the world's best universities

Who am I?  I regard myself as a researcher with a vision to do meaningful research which may contribute to a better world in the future. I have lived more than half of my life, if I would live 100 years old. I have experienced different cultures, education systems and research areas. I think I know what I am doing and I sincerely wish to contribute to both research and education at my beloved Linköping University—younger than my age but already one of top universities in the world!

My research interest has been radio frequency electronics for wireless systems. Together with my colleagues and students, I have studied and developed new types of wireless systems for high data rate communications and wireless sensor networks for Internet of Things. I have also given courses to both postgraduate and undergraduate students, such as radio frequency electronics, radio frequency system design, microwave engineering and Internet of Things.

I am professor and responsible for the research group of Communication Electronics at LiU, Campus Norrköping. Our group has talented teachers and researchers with expertise covering antenna and radio front-end design, radio circuit and system design, and digital signal processing. We have a laboratory with advanced facilities for radio and microwave circuit design and measurement. We have our own laboratory for manufacture of printed circuit boards used for both research and student projects. 

We have also built up a laboratory for electromagnetic compatibility tests. In short we have established a unique research and education environment in the field of wireless systems for high frequency, high data rate and sensor networks.

You are welcome to join us!

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