Lifestyle Intervention

My research focuses on the interaction between people regarding lifestyle, health and changing habits. In my PhD-thesis I studied the importance of a good encounter between health care professionals and people on sick leave for their return to work. In my recent studies I am looking at the electronic interaction, through text messages, in a smoking cessation program or for lower alcohol consumption.

Lifestyle Intervention

My latest research project is developing a text-based programme that aims to get students to stop smoking. The programme spans over twelve weeks during which the students get one to five text messages a day about the effects of smoking as well as motivation and support to quit smoking. If the person would feel a craving he or she can answer an SMS and get additional supportive messages. The program is now sent out to a total of 400,000 students at all the country's universities and colleges. When the 12-week period is completed this spring, we will continue to analyze the material. This project is run in the context of the research group "Lifestyle Intervention Implementation Research Group" - LiiR led by Professor Preben Bendtsen.

Encounters with people on sick leave

Previous studies have shown that people on sick leave who have experienced a good encounter with health care professionals, occupational health, social insurance and other relevant bodies return to work faster than those who feel they have been treated worse. A good tone is crucial. The meeting between people is at the centre of my field of research and was part of my PhD thesis: Encouraging Encounters: Experiences of People in Sick Leave in Their Meetings with Professionals in 2007. After my PhD, I continued my research in this area for a couple of years with funding from FORTE (formerly FAS) in collaboration with Elsy Söderbergs research team with support from, among others, AFA.

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