Innovative Lifestyle Interventions

The majority of those diseases that we treat today in health care could be avoided with a more healthy life style. Thus, a great majority of heart diseases, 30 % of all cancers and most of diabetes type 2 could be avoided by healthy life styles.


My research is focusing on life style intervention for individuals with unhealthy life styles concerning alcohol, tobacco, physical activity and diet habits.

I am developing Internet based interventions to be used in foremost primary health care. The basic concept that I have developed is a number of health test to be performed on a web site, that gives the individual a personalised feedback. Also, more extended interventions lasting up to 12 weeks using SMS as the mode of delivery is something that I am doing research upon.

The aim of the research is to increase the implementation in routine health care getting the staff to refer patients to the various internet based life style interventions we have developed. 

About me

Field of Teaching

I teach mainly at the Medical program