Circularis is a project that aims to develop innovative support for Swedish manufacturers who want increased resource efficiency and sustainability in their products and services.

Lack of resources and waste problems speak for new economic models that can replace the linear economy where materials are taken up, manufactured, used and thrown away. Circular economy is a new economic model that deals with recycling of products and materials through e.g. upgrading, maintenance, repair, reuse, sharing, remanufacturing and remodeling. These changes are leading to new ways of providing and offering products and services.

Swedish companies must learn more about and design and implement circular business models that cover the entire product and service life cycle. In order for these business models to be economically attractive for manufacturing companies at the same time as resource use is reduced, we focus within the project on developing innovative support for Swedish manufacturers: to design products and services that allow increased resource efficiency and sustainability.


  • Chalmers
  • Maxiom AB
  • Envac Scandinavia AB
  • Storbildsfabriken i Sverige AB
  • TreCe AB