Business models for Product Service Systems

I am writing my PhD on how to encapsulate the economic and environmental benefits of Industrial Product Service Systems within the business models of international corporations in an effort to scale up the transition towards a more sustainable society. I also teach courses related to environmental issues and product service systems.

My initial focus in my PhD is on the Life Cycle Costing of Industrial Product Service Systems which have the potential of being both cost and environmentally efficient. In this stage I cooperate with an industrial partner Toyota Material Handling Sweden.

Based on these Life Cycle Costings and in collaboration with my thesis supervisors Mattias Lindahl and Tomohiko Sakao, I look into the conditions under which these integrated product service offerings are environmentally and economically beneficial and how can we optimise the trade-offs between the two. Then I translate these conditions into business models that can be used in industry to assist with the transition to a more resource efficient economy.

Sustainability in the food and beverage industry

I worked as a student consultant with HKScan, one of Europe’s largest meat companies, on developing their corporate responsibility profile and also with Högestad and Christinehof, Skåne’s province’s largest landowner, on evolving the environmental strategy of their agricultural component. This lead me to writing my MSc thesis in Environmental Management and Policy on the current sustainability practices of the European meat and dairy processors.

I also carried out an interim evaluation of the city of Malmö’s policy for sustainable development and food.

Research approach

In my research I draw on my international background i.e. Greece, Britain, Sweden, China and Germany, my mixed work experiences as a venue manager, teacher, administrative assistant, computer programmer and my diverse studies in supply chain management, computer science, environmental policy, Chinese language, in order to take on a multidisciplinary approach and a lifecycle perspective when addressing sustainability challenges in an international business context. 







  • 2014 - MSc Environmental Management and Policy, International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics (IIIEE), Lund University, Sweden
  • 2008 - Certificate in Chinese Language and Literature, Tsinghua University, China
  • 2007 - BSc Management Science and Technology, Athens University of Economics and Business, Greece


Thesis supervisors