The Flow Cytometry Unit at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences is located on floor 10 at Core Facility. Flow Cytometry is used to measures physical and biological parameters of single cells in suspension. Cell size, granularity, protein expression on the surface and intracellularly and DNA-content are examples of properties that can be determined by FACS.

Currently there are two cytometers, of the Gallios model, equipped with three lasers with the ability to measure 10 fluorescent molecules simultaneously. Two cell sorters are also available, FACSAria IIu and FACSAria III, equipped with UV laser and yellow-green laser in addition to violet, blue, red in both. Both can sort to 1.5, 5 and 15ml tubes, microtiter plates or slides.

More specialized instruments in the machine park are an imaging cytometer Imagestream mk II and Flexmap 3D, an instrument designed to measure the concentration of several factors at the same time in small sample volumes.

For documentational purposes, Flow Cytometry at Core Facility would appreciate if all users alert the staff of any papers they publish utilizing the instruments at the facility. This helps us show our relevance to instances that determine our future funding.
Mentioning the Core facility in i.e. the Materials and Methods section of your paper, for example when you specify what cytometer was used to acquire data or perform sorting, is also greatly appreciated. As an example, cells were acquired using a Gallios cytometer at the flow cytometry core facility of the faculty of health sciences, or similar. If appropriate, feel free to mention the contribution of the core facility in your acknowledgements - it would be greatly appreciated.
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For LiU researchers, more detailed information is available at our sharepoint-page. Follow the link for continuous updates about our instruments.



Plate readers, Lab 204 level 10 House 462 (Self Use)


Multimode plate reader that allows several types of detection: absorbance, luminescence and fluorescence and perfect for assays such as ELISA, enzyme activity, cytotoxicity, proliferation, light emission detection etc. It reads plates of different format.


Absorbance plate reader for wide range of assays including basic ELISA.


Plate reader that provides absorbance detection for many applications.  

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