Molecular Biology Unit at Core Facility

You can find instruments for molecular biology at Cellkärnan, level 09, at the Cellbiology building.

Staff are in available to help, see "Contact" below. Tuition fee for external users is 600 SEK.

Cellkärnan user group: Peter Söderkvist (chairman), Henrik Green, Mats Södersröm, Jon Jonasson, Susana Cristobal.


3500 Genetic Analyzer


  • Sequencing
  • Microsatellites
  • LOH
  • SNP

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7500 Fast Real-Time PCR system

Applications: Absolut quantification, relative quantification, allele discrimination +/- detection.

Capacity: 96-well fast PCR plates.

Fast PCR reaction can be run in 30-40 min with appropriate mastermix, or in standard mode in 2h with standard mastermix.

Equipped with 5 emission filters for: SYBR® Green I, FAM™, VIC™, JOE™, NED™, TAMRA™, ROX™, Texas Red®, Cy3™, Cy5™.

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7900HT Fast Real-Time PCR System

96 fast- or 384-well plate compatibility (the TaqMan® Low Density Array).

Fast PCR option reduces run time to about 35 minutes in a standard 96-well format.

A laser scans and excites the fluorescent dyes in each of the wells.
Continuous wavelength detection from 500-660 nm allows the use of multiple fluorophores in a single reaction. 

MiSeq Benchtop Sequencer from Illumina (NGS)

With MiSeq, you can:

  • Multiplex up to 96 samples per run for greater efficiency.
  • Get accurate bi-directional amplicon sequencing.
  • Generate complete de novo assemblies.
  • Produce 2 x 300 paired-end reads and up to 15 Gb of data in a single run.

Agilent Bioanalyzer 2100

Users buy their own kits.

Affymetrix Microarray

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QIAGEN Tissue Lyser

For high-throughput disruption of a wide range of biological samples

  • Fast - disruption of up to 48 samples in as little as 2-4 minutes
  • Disruption is achieved through the beating and grinding effect of beads
  • Cross-contamination-free – closed system prevents tube-to-tube carryover
  • Reproducible – highly standardized disruption methods
  • Flexible – compatible with different sample types and disruption buffers
  • Integrated – part of QIAGEN’s tissue-management system from collection/stabilization to purification

You have to buy your own QIAGEN kits and Beads, suitable for use with the TissueLyser system.

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epMotion 5070

epMotion 5070 is a pipetting robot that allows users to write their own programs for preparing 96-well plates for PCR. Two pipettes are available, 1-50ul and 40-1000ul. Tips are purchased by individual users separately.

Project Proposal for NGS analysis and Bioinformatics support

Please fill in the Project Proposal Form 
or scan the following QR-code for NGS analysis and Bioinformatics support at Core Facility, LiU and Clinical Genomics, Sweden.

QR code that takes you the form regarding Project Proposal for NGS analysis and Bioinformatics support.

Clinical Genomics

Clinical Genomics Linköping was established in 2019 as a regional distributed node of the Diagnostic and Development platform of SciLifeLab and the section of molecular genetics at the Linköping University Core unit. CG Linköping is organized at the medical faculty and operates in close collaboration with the clinical NGS platform at the University hospital in Linköping forming the local Genomic Medicine Sweden node GMC-south east.

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