Since 2001, there has been a doctoral programme at the Division of Ageing and Social Change (ASC). The purpose of the programme is to expand and advance the doctoral students’ methodological knowledge and understanding of the field of ageing and later life.

Through doctoral programme courses, supervision and independent thesis work, the student shall obtain the necessary skills to independently plan, carry out and complete research projects, present and disseminate its results, and perform professional tasks like reviewing, critically assessing, utilising, and conveying research results in the field of ageing and social change and its applications.

The goal is for the doctoral student to have obtained advanced knowledge in the field and to be well-prepared for independent research and development work.

To be admitted to a doctoral programme, a student needs to meet both general and specific entry requirements. General entry requirements mean that the applicant has completed higher education equal to at least 240 credits or obtained the equivalent within or outside of Sweden. Exceptions from this requirement can be made if special grounds for doing so exist.

The special entry requirements are specified in the study plan for each respective doctoral programme.


Research on Ageing and Social Change


Doctoral studies at Linköping University