PhD studies at ISY are carried out within the subject Electrical Engineering which covers a wide range of methods for analysis, modeling and design within Automatic Control Systems, Electronics, Telecommunications and Computer Vision.

The PhD studies research education in Electrical Engineering aims to graduate technical licentiates and doctors with the ability to understand and develop methodologies in the field. Due to the industry-related activities and co-operation with industry, people with licentiate and doctoral degrees in Electrical Engineering are very attractive on the job market.

The subject Electrical Engineering;

  • has a solid foundation in mathematics and mathematical modeling of physical systems
  • focuses on analysis and design of systems with industrial applications
  • is interdisciplinary in nature as the analysis and design of complex systems requires knowledge from several different areas
  • is neighboring other areas as well, especially computer science as the design of complex systems includes partitioning and integration of hardware and software.

Study syllabuses


Doctoral studies at Linköping University