The doctoral program in statistics is intended to provide graduate students with a deep, foundational education in statistics, along with further in-depth knowledge in the student’s chosen area of specialisation. 

students seated at a round table The purpose of the program is further to provide the graduate student with the skills needed to apply statistical methods to practical problems, study current literature, and conduct scientific research, with particular emphasis on the development of statistical methods. Students should also develop skills in presenting and disseminating their research in both academic and non-academic settings.

Research students in statistics must have the following:

  • Broad general knowledge of statistical research.
  • Deep, specialised knowledge in their chosen field of study.
  • Familiarity with scientific methodology in general, and with statistical methods in particular.
  • An ability for scientific analysis and synthesis, critical review, and assessment of novel, complex phenomena.
  • The ability to formulate research questions critically, independently, creatively, and with scientific accuracy.
  • The ability to plan and conduct research and other activities correctly, accurately, and on schedule.
  • Intellectual independence, scientific integrity, and the ability to do research ethics assessments.
  • The ability to make a significant contribution to the field through their own original research, and to document this contribution in a dissertation. 

To obtain a doctoral degree in statistics, candidates must complete 90 credits of coursework and must then write a dissertation, which is worth 150 credits, for a total of 240 credits. Students can also choose to begin their doctoral studies by pursuing a licentiate degree, which requires 60 credits of coursework and a thesis, which is also worth 60 credits. Some students also choose to obtain only their licentiate degree.


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