Doctoral studies at the Department of Computer and Information Science (IDA) are organised to cross traditional subject boundaries, and is common to the whole department.

The basic principle is that each doctoral student carries out thesis work within the laboratory (i.e. the research group) to which he or she belongs. Courses that are part of the doctoral education should consist of a number of courses selected from the range offered by the department, including master’s courses.

Where appropriate, courses can also be selected from those offered by other departments. Within the department, doctoral education is available not only within its core subjects in the Faculty of Science and Engineering (computer science, computer systems), but also within an increasing number of interdisciplinary fields of which the subjects computer science or computer systems are components.

The availability of several paths of doctoral education with individual study plans reflects both the possibility of specialisation of field of study and thesis work, and the different compositions of prior knowledge that these interdisciplinary fields require.

The doctoral education common throughout IDA is organised under a director of studies for doctoral education and an office of doctoral education. A considerable part of the doctoral education is conducted within the framework of several graduate schools.

The Department of Computer and Information Science offers doctoral education within the following fields:

Doctoral studentships

PhD student positions at IDA are announced here. Note that some posts may be announced only in one language – either on the Swedish or the English page.

More information

Contact the director of doctoral studies, Zebo Peng,, for more information about the various research areas covered by the department.

Contact the coordinator for doctoral education, Anne Moe,, for information about doctoral education.

For general information about doctoral studies and how to become a doctoral student, please visit the page doctoral studies.


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PhD Student Positions at IDA

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