Applying for Linköping University's Master's programmes

This is a step-by-step guide to everything you need to know about applying for LiU's international master's degree programmes using the application system in Sweden.

Step-by-step guide for international master's applicants 

Step 1: Choose your programme

First, find or browse our degree programmes at LiU by using our search menu or using the filter on the University Admissions search function. Read up on the one(s) you are interested in on each programme's own web page.


Review the admissions criteria

When you have found your perfect programme (or perhaps several!), make sure that you are eligible to apply in two steps:

  • Check you meet the general requirements for master's studies at LiU.
  • Check you meet the programme specific requirements - find these on each programme's web page. There is a box showing the next academic year at the start of the page, select the drop down function "Admission requirements" to view the details.

You will need to prove your qualifications with official documents.

Note: The academic year in Sweden is based on two semesters: autumn and spring. Master’s programmes at LiU start in August for the autumn semester. There are no degree programmes that begin in the spring semester at LiU.

Step 2: Start your application


Apply for your chosen programme(s)

Go to your programme’s webpage. When the application period is open, an “Apply” button is available – click on it to be redirected to Sweden's national admissions website: University Admissions. You will lodge your application there.

You can also view our programmes and apply directly on University Admissions.

Important: Students who are not EU citizens must take courses of at least 30 ECTS per semester, which corresponds to full-time study, as one of the requirements for being granted a residence permit by the Swedish Migration Agency.


Create an account

Create a personal account on University Admissions (if you have applied before you must use that account). Make sure to register with an email address that you check frequently as you will receive important correspondence from University Admissions via email.


Select the programme(s) you are interested in and rank them

You can apply for a maximum of four different master's programmes in Sweden. Rank the programmes in order of priority - you can only be offered one study place. This means that you will only be admitted for your second programme choice if you are not accepted into your first choice, and so on. You can only apply for a LiU International scholarship for your first choice, so the order in which you rank the programmes is very important. Find more information about ranking your selections on University Admissions.



Submit your application, programmes ranked from most to least preferred, through your online account with University Admissions before the application deadline (15 January 2024).

Some programmes may be open for late applications. Always check on the programme page. A programme is still open for applications as long as the Apply button is active.

Step 3: Finalise your application


Application fee

If you are a citizen of a country outside the EU/EEA or Switzerland, you need to pay an application fee. Paying your application fee (University Admissions).

If you are a citizen of a country within the EU/EEA or Switzerland, you need to provide a copy of your passport with your application to prove your status as a non-fee-paying student.


Documenting your eligibility for studies

Before your application is processed, you need to provide documentation that proves your eligibility for acceptance into your programme of choice. This includes:

  • Certificates and diplomas from your bachelor studies
  • Transcripts
  • Supporting documents for proficiency in English
  • Supporting documents for specific entry requirements
  • Syllabus
  • Copy of passport or ID


To make sure that you have everything in order for your application, carefully read the details under "Am I eligible" above and on the web page of each programme you are applying to. 

Country instructions

In addition, there are specific instructions for what documentation rules apply based on what country you completed your bachelor's education in. 
Check for country-specific instructions on University Admission.


Assemble all your supporting documents and submit on time (1 February 2024)

There are two ways to submit your documents to University Admissions – you can either upload them to your account on University Admissions or you can send them by regular post to this address:

University Admissions in Sweden
R 312
SE-106 53 Stockholm
Please note that for some countries, applicants are required to send in documents by regular post. If so, this is mentioned in the country-specific documents information on University Admissions.

Step 4: Waiting for an answer

If you have followed this step-by-step guide correctly, your application is now complete.

While you wait for the results, your account on University Admissions will be your primary source of information. From there, you can follow the progress of your application, check that your documents have arrived, and it is where the result of your application will be published. 

You will receive your Notification of Selection Results at the end of March or in the beginning of April 2024. This will tell you if you've been offered a place on the programme(s) you've applied to.

Good luck with your application!

Second application round for EU/EEA citizens

Application options

Programmes that are open in the second admission round for EU students have an Apply button on their webpage. You can only apply for a programme when this button is active.


You can read about the different admission rounds on University Admissions' Two admission rounds for each semester web page.

The application process

Applying to LiU? What to have in mind

Accommodation process

It is important to look for accommodation even before getting admitted to a programme at Linköping University. This video will guide you through the accommodation process and provide you with some tips on how to find accommodation.

Application tips

In this video we share some tips and tricks on how to apply for a degree programme at LiU.

English requirement

When applying for an international programme at Linköping University you need to fulfil the English requirement. Most students need to show language proficiency by means of an English test. Here are some tips on how.

Important dates

Keep these in mind!

Applications open

15 October 2024

Application submission deadline

15 January 2025

Documentation & application fee

3 February 2025

Notification of selection result

Master's degree: 27 March 2025, Bachelor's degree: 3 April 2025

LiU Scholarship application period


Autumn semester starts



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Useful links

The government resource on studying in Sweden for prospective and current international students. You will find everything you need to know on the Swedish higher education system, finding and applying for a programme, searching for scholarships, living as an international student in Sweden and learning Swedish.

Swedish Migration Agency

Information about requirements for studying in Sweden from the Swedish Migration Agency. Rules regarding residence permits and visas differ depending on whether you are a citizen of the EU or not, so make sure to check what is applicable for you.

University Admissions

The official website for applying to all Swedish universities, run by the Swedish Council for Higher Education. They are responsible for managing the application process, reviewing applicants and registering your supporting documents.

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