How to apply: a step-by-step guide

To ensure that you submit a complete application, check out our film for an overview and then follow the detailed steps to submit a complete application. Applications are currently: open for 2019.
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How to apply for international master’s programmes at LiU:
step-by-step guide

We are pleased that you are considering making a master's application to one of Linköping University's programmes. Applications for 2019 open from 16 October 2018.

Note: The academic year in Sweden is based on two semesters: Autumn and Spring. Master’s programmes at LiU start in August/September in the Autumn semester. There are no degree programmes that begin in the Spring semester at LiU. 

Phase 1: Choose your programme

First, you should read up on the programme you want to apply for or browse all our programmes to help you choose a programme. You can find or browse our degree programme(s) at LiU by using our programme search menu or using the filter on the University Admissions search function.

When you have found your perfect programme (or perhaps several!) check if you are eligible to apply.

Review the admissions criteria
Make sure that you meet the admission requirements for master’s studies and for your programme specific criteria.
• carefully checking the description given on our Master's requirements page for general admission requirements, and;
• check the programme's web page for their specific entry requirements and keep an eye out for an additional ‘special’ entry requirements.
(At the top of each programme's web page, you can select the future academic year and then by selecting the show more function near the top of the page the programme's details will appear,)

Phase 2: Start your application

Apply for your chosen programme(s)

On each programme’s webpage – you can click on the ''Apply'' button (when the application period is open), and you will be directed to an application process on University Admissions.  You can also use the University Admissions’ programme search to review our programmes.

Important: Students who come from outside of the European Union must take courses of at least 30 ECTS per term, which corresponds to full-time study, as one of the requirements for being granted a residence permit by the Swedish Migration Board.

Create an account

Create a personal account on University Admissions (if you have applied before you can use that account) using an active e-mail address. This e-mail address becomes your "username". It should be an e-mail address that you check frequently as you will receive important correspondence from University Admissions at this address.

Select the programme(s) you are interested in and rank them

You can apply for a maximum of four different programmes; you must then rank the programmes in order of priority. You can only apply for a LiU scholarship for your first choice, so the order in which you rank the programmes is very important. You can find more information about ranking your selections on University Admissions.


Submit your preliminary application through your online account with University Admissions, before the application deadline (15 January 2018).

Application fee

If you live in a country outside the EU and EEA, or Switzerland, you need to pay an application fee. If you are a citizen of a country within the EU/EEA, or Switzerland you need to provide a copy of your passport with your application to prove your status as a non-fee-paying student.

Phase 3: Finalise your application by the deadline (1 February 2019)

Documenting your eligibility for studies

You need to provide various documentation that proves your eligibility for acceptance into your programme of choice, including:

Certificates and diplomas
Students in their final bachelor year, who do not have their degree yet, need to supply a certificate of ongoing studies.
There is specific information for students in their final year outlined on University Admissions.

• Transcripts 
If the content and focus of your courses is not listed on the transcript or not clearly conveyed in the titles of those courses then you are also required to provide relevant course syllabuses issued by your university.

• Supporting documents for proficiency in English
Please ensure you have the right proof or arrange to get proof in time for the documentation deadline: 1 February 2019.

• Supporting documents for specific entry requirements
May include items such as syllabus, letter of intent, portfolio/CV – check on each programmes webpage by clicking on the black plus sign to see programme specifications. Applicants to our master’s in Design have a separate portfolio submission process in addition to the steps listed on this page, follow the additional instructions provided on Design’s webpage under the ‘Application and admission’ tab.

• Copy of passport or ID
(which clearly states citizenship)

You will find a further explanation of each item on our page Documenting your eligibility for studies.

In addition, there are specific instructions for what documentation rules apply based on what country you completed your education in.
Check for country-specific instructions on University Admission.

Read all the information provided carefully.

Assemble all your supporting documents and submit on time (1 February 2019)

There are two ways to submit your documents to University Admissions – you can either upload them to your account on University Admissions or you can send them by regular post to the address:

University Admissions in Sweden
R 312
SE-106 53 Stockholm

Please note that for some countries, Sweden requires applicants to send in certified copies of their academic documents by regular post. 

Reminder: It is important that you check what is required for your country on University Admissions.

Phase 4: Waiting for an answer

If you have followed this step-by-step guide correctly, your application is complete.

You can follow the progress of your application by logging into your University Admission’s account. There you will be notified when your documents arrive and you can see the status of your application. Your notification of admission will also be published there.

Check your selection results

You will receive your Notification of Selection Results at the beginning of April 2019. This will tell you if you've been offered a place on the programme(s) you've applied to.

Good luck with your application!


Further resources: is the government resource on studying in Sweden for prospective and current international students. You will find everything you need to know on the Swedish higher education system, finding and applying for a programme, searching for scholarships, living as an international student in Sweden and learning Swedish.

Alternative application options

Late applications

Some programmes allow late applications after the deadline has passed. Programmes for which admission is still open will have an “Add” button next to the title on University Admissions. Or additionally by checking if your programme’s web page still has an active ''Apply'' button. However, just because a programme is still open it does not necessarily mean that places are still available.

Submitting a late application and being eligible for a programme does not guarantee a place. Your chances of being accepted depend on the number of students who applied before the deadline and accepted their place. Please note that late applications do not entitle you to apply for a scholarship.

Late applications and how they are processed – University Admissions

Second round applications

For students from Sweden and EU/EES countries: Some of our master's programmes are open for application in a second admission round. Please see the web page for each programme. 

For exchange students

If you wish to attend Linköping University as part of an exchange programme, contact the international department at your home university. You cannot apply for an exchange programme through University Admissions.

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