This research aims at understanding supply chain transparency and sustainability, the impact on stakeholders, firms and business models and how value chains can be designed and managed in order to be sustainable.

Since almost all supply or value chains are global, along with the growth of large global firms, the role that corporations have in impacting societies in a global context is huge.
In order to understand the development of sustainability in supply chains, it is important to understand the way in which companies work with sustainability along the supply chain, as well as how they portray this work and how transparent they are. The value chains and supply chains are becoming increasingly complex, and it is getting more complicated to assure sustainability along the supply chains. Furthermore, this work will inevitably impact the companies’ business models, together with the focus and purpose of the firms. It becomes pivotal to be sustainable not only within one firm and in one business model, but also along the supply chain together with a wider group of stakeholders.

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