The Doctoral Programme in Ethnic and Migration Studies

Ethnic and migration studies is a thoroughly interdisciplinary field, engaging a set of different research approaches of the social sciences and humanistic studies. 

Ph D ProgrammeThis PhD programme offers a comprehensive and interdisciplinary research education in ethnic and migration studies.. The courses in the program gives the PhD candidates insight into central dimensions of International, European and Swedish research on migration and ethnicity. The courses are distinctly interdisciplinary. Course (90 credits) work and thesis writing (150 credits) is thoroughly integrated throughout the education. 

Integrated with the REMESO Graduate School

The PhD programme is also integrated with the REMESO Graduate School in Migration, Ethnicity and Society. Students can choose elective courses from the Graduate School and ad to their PhD education, and thereby create their own profile. The PhD programme collaborates with several international research centres in  the field of ethnicity and migration.  

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The study plan applies to students completing their education with a doctorate and forstudents completing their education with a licentiate.

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Professor Stefan Jonsson is scientifically responsible for the programme and chair of the collegium of supervisors. Vice chair of the programme is professor Peo Hansen. For further information please contact the Director of doctoral studies, Catrin Lundström or the Chair of the doctoral programme in Ethnic and Migration Studies, Stefan Jonsson.

Stefan Jonsson (Chair)
Aleksandra Ålund
Anna Bredström
Peo Hansen (Vice Chair)
Martin Klinthäll
Branka Likic Brboric
Catrin Lundström
Anders Neergaard
Carl-Ulrik Schierup
Zoran Slavnic
Susanne Urban
Magnus Dahlstedt
Sofie Tornhill
Moa Bursell

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