Properties Division (FA)

Linköping University aspires to offer attractive, supportive and creative premises. The Properties Division ensures that our supply of premises and the development of the campuses are competitive, cost-effective and quality-assured.

The division works with such issues as building and refurbishment, movement of activities, interior design and property finance. The division is also responsible for alarms and access control, cleaning services, goods and post distribution, the booking of vehicles for work-related travel, signage, booking systems and the technical equipment available in teaching areas.


Cleaning Services Office

Cleaning Services Office is responsible for housekeeping and other services to maintain a good and pleasant working environment. The work is based on LiU´s overall environmental goals. The quality goals for the mission are based on the possibility to measure and supervise it´s processes.

Environment and Security Office

Environment and Security Office manages, develops and coordinates LiU´s internal environmental and safety work. The Office is a link between the core business and the outside world in environmental and safety issues and works as a support to the business to meet external and internal requirements. The Office also provides support and contributes to a structured way of working through systematic work, monitoring legislation and follows up on legal compliance. Tools and routines develops to make it easier to make it right.

Facilities Management Office

Facilities Management Office is responsible for strategic development of LiU's premises och campuses according to the university overall strategic plans and the needs of the core business. The plans are presented in a yearly updated local supply plan for the five years to come. The plan is determined by the board in June every year.

The office manages LiU´s premises with focus on LiU common premises and premises for University Services and University Management. In dialogue with property owners, internal tenants, secondary tenants, students and working environment representatives a well-functioning and cost-effective management is ensured for all premises. The mission also includes responsibility for all rental agreements.

Coordination of building projects and examinations of needs according to LiU's policies is also a part of the mission for the Facilities Management Office.

Logistics and Facilities Support Office

Logistics and Facilities Support Office offers services within mail, caretaking, transport, locks and car rental. The services contribute to a functional, environmental friendly and attractive working space for students and employees at LiU.

Room Booking, Examinations and Timetable Office

Room Booking, Examinations and Timetable Office is responsible for integrated schedule coordination and reservations for teaching premises, exam places and other bookable LiU-common premises. The mission also includes coordination and reservations of exam invigilators for anonymous written seated exam. Another crucial task is to create routines and inform about applicable regulations for booking premises and written seated exams and ensure that they are followed by students and teachers.

The office also organizes and administers the implementation of the Swedish Scholastic Aptitude Test twice a year.