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Andreas Tillmar

Adjunct Associate Professor, Docent


In the nucleus of each human cell the genetic material are hidden which codes for who we are and what we are. I am studying this genetic code in order to increase the knowledge and improve methods used to aid forensic genetic investigations.


My research is focused on improvements and to increase the knowledge connected to forensic genetic investigations. I have a special interest in applications used for kinship testing based on genetic analyses.

This includes, among other things, the development of new DNA typing methods as well as issues related to the biostatistical evaluation that is performed in order the estimate the weight of evidence given by a forensic DNA analysis. Another topic of interest is population genetics.

Several ongoing studies within ”Applied biostatistics in forensic genetics” together with Daniel Kling, FHI, Norway, Petter Mostad, Chalmers, Sweden, Thore Egeland, NMBU, Norway.

I am leading the project ”DNA-variation in northern Sweden”. I the project group Daniel Kling, FHI, Norway and Thomas Wallerström, NTNU, Norway are members.


I have experience from giving lectures for students at the faculty of medicine and health sciences at Linköping University. Most often these cover topics related to applied genetics, with a certain focus on forensic genetics.

I also participate in the education as a tutor in PBL (problem based learning) groups.



  • Associate professor in forensic genetics (2016-)
  • Forensic geneticist at the National Board of Forensic Medicine (2006-)
  • Acted as lecturer/expert in several international workshops (Europe, USA )with a focus on biostatistics in forensic genetic investigation


Selected publications

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Ida Grandell, Raed Samara, Andreas Tillmar (2016)

International journal of legal medicine , Vol.130 , s.905-914 Continue to DOI

Cover of publication ''
Andreas O Karlsson, Thomas Wallerstrom, Anders Gotherstrom, Gunilla Holmlund (2006)

European Journal of Human Genetics , Vol.14 , s.963-970 Continue to DOI



Petter Mostad, Andreas Tillmar, Daniel Kling (2023) Improved computations for relationship inference using low-coverage sequencing data BMC Bioinformatics, Vol. 24, Article 90 Continue to DOI