Meaningful pasts and heritage

Bodil Axelsson’s interdisciplinary research and teaching examine heritagization, that is processes in which cultural institutions, associations and individuals produce meaningful pasts.

She uses dynamic combinations of interviews, participant observation, and text interpretations so as to understand contemporary and historical processes where relevant pasts is actualised, restored and reinserted into present and future actions.  


She is currently co-authoring of a book on guides and city walks, including guided tours of the industrial heritage of Norrköping, Kiruna and Malmberget. Moreover she does fieldwork on cultural institution’s digital practices. Previous research projects have focused on historical theater plays, popular history magazines, cultural history museum’s contemporary collecting, and artistic work.  


Bodil is the director of ACSIS (Advanced Cultural Studies Institute of Sweden) where she in collaboration with Tema Q runs the network The everyday life of the researcher in the era of mediatization. 

Industrial heritage in NorrköpingFoto: Thor Balkhed

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