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Carina Stahre

Communications Officer

Responsible for external communication at the Department of Mathematics (MAI)

Digital Communications Officer and Designer

Communications officer responsible for external communication at the Department of Mathematics (MAI).

I am employed at the Web and Media Lab Unit, a division within the Communications and Marketing Department. My mission is to work locally at the Department of PMathematics (MAI), where I am responsible for external communication.

Together with Karin Johansson, who is responsible for internal communication, we create cohesive, brand-building, and accessible communication for the department and its research areas.

Job responsibilities:

My area of expertise is broad, and I adapt my working methods according to the task at hand. My main responsibilities at IFM include web editing, graphic production, photography, video, communication support, and service for MAI.

Communication support at MAI

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The communicaion team helps you with audience-specific and accesible communication materials. Wavebreak Media LTD

Communication support at MAI

The communication team at MAI can assist you with, for example:

  • Updating employee pages
  • Creating news and articles
  • Communication support
  • Text production
  • Social media
  • Photography
  • Video production
  • Graphic production
  • Illustration



Department of Mathematics (MAI)

Communications and Marketing Division (KOM)

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