Central webmaster in the Website Management and Media Lab at the Communications and Marketing Division.

I work as webmaster at Linköping University together with three colleagues using various tools for publishing, support, analysis and education.

My areas of responsibility and tasks as webmaster

I am responsible for introducing and training newly employed communications officers who are to work as editors in Sitecore (the web publishing system used at LiU). I am also responsible that user expertise increases continuously. Another field in which I work concerns processes associated with content production. This means, for example, that I guide and support editors in how to design and construct, or restructure, a webpage to give it better functionality and design, better suited to the target groups, purpose and objective that have been established for the page and its contents.

Part of my work is to answer and manage questions we receive to the functional email address webmaster@liu.se. I solve technical problems that editors experience, mainly in the use of Sitecore, and our external website liu.se. I have administrative responsibility for web-related documents such as website strategy documents, contents guidelines, guides, etc.
I am driven by a desire to create, structure and organise to make contents, communication and processes even better.

Communications officer for University Services at liu.se

I have a special task as principal communications officer for the external pages of University Services and the profile pages of the associated managers. Communications Officer Karin Linhardt is responsible for the IT Division and Communications Officer Sara Hammarsten for the HR Division.

Contact for central support


Webmasters are located in the D Building, Entrance 41, 2nd Floor.

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