GROWL: Greening of Working Life

a man in a suit walks in the forest.

To reach Sweden’s political climate goals, working life needs to undergo a transformation. This research program focuses on people, organizations, and policies in the green transformation in industry and forestry.

The GROWL research program (Greening of Working Life) analyses the green transformation on individual, organizational, and political levels. It includes a cohort study with surveys and interviews with people in working life transitions, case studies of companies in industry and forestry, and policy analyses and interviews with policymakers, union representatives and other central actors.

The program focuses on which types of changes that are considered imaginable on individual, organizational, and policy levels, and which goals that are considered desirable, viable, and achievable. The program also studies whether the green transformation is fair by studying peoples’ work careers and the need for and use of social security systems.

GROWL is financed by Forte. It started in 2023 and will end in 2029.

The projects in the program will analyze how the greening of working life is carried out in practice, how it is perceived and understood by employees, managers, unions, and policymakers, how it is related to work conditions, workplace learning and innovation, and to policy on a national and an international level. The program will contribute with theoretical and empirical understanding of the dynamics involved when people, organizations and policies adapt and contribute to the green transformation of society.

The research group consists of a unique blend of competencies, including sociology, education, environmental change, political sciences, and economy. In total, twelve researchers are working within the program, including three PhD students.

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