Photo of Daniel Simon

Daniel Simon

Professor, Head of Unit

Principal Investigator in Organic Bioelectronics, Laboratory of Organic Electronics


Professor Daniel Simon is the Organic Bioelectronics group leader at the Laboratory of Organic Electronics.

He received his Bachelor's degree in Physics from the University of Georgia, Athens (USA) in 2000, where he participated in theoretical condensed matter research under Michael Geller. 

In 2001, he began his graduate work in the Physics department at the University of California, Santa Cruz (USA). There, he joined the laboratory of Sue Carter, studying a range of topics in polymer-based electronics.  In 2004, Daniel received his Master's degree, based on electronically patterned polymer films on micro-electrode arrays. 

In the Spring of 2007, he earned his PhD, based on polymer light-emitting electrochemical cells (LECs) and nanoparticle-based non-volatile memory (in collaboration with Campbell Scott and Luisa Bozano at IBM Almaden). Later that year, he joined the Laboratory of Organic Electronics as a postdoctoral researcher, where he focused on converting an in vitro delivery technology for use in a living animal, and later for self-regulating artificial neuron functionality.

Since 2011, he has led – and significantly expanded – the organic bioelectronics and iontronics activities at LOE. In 2013, he became Assistant Professor, in 2016, he earned his docenture and became Associate Professor, and in 2022, he became full Professor. In 2022, he also joined the Program Office of the Wallenberg Initiative Materials Science for Sustainability (WISE, where he oversees recruitment and sub-project activities. 

Sammanträde, Magnus Berggren och Daniel SimonFrom left, Magnus Berggren and Daniel Simon during a meeting at LOE.
Photo credit: Thor Balkhed



2007 – PhD in Physics, University of California, Santa Cruz

2004 – Masters in Physics, University of California, Santa Cruz

2000 – Bachelors in Physics, University of Georgia, Athens


2022-present – Professor, Laboratory of Organic Electronics, Linköping University

2016-2022 – Associate Professor, LOE, LiU

2013-2016 – Assistant Professor, LOE, LiU

2011-2103 – Assistant Research Professor, LOE, LiU

2009-2011 – Postdoctoral Researcher, 50% Dept. of Neuroscience, Karolinska Institute, and 50% LOE, LiU

2007-2009 – Postdoctoral Scholarship, LOE, LiU



Iontronic pump in thin blood vessels.

More effective cancer treatment with iontronic pump

When low doses of cancer drugs are administered continuously near malignant brain tumours using so-called iontronic technology, cancer cell growth drastically decreases. This is demonstrated in experiments with bird embryos.

Translucent droplet on an electronic circiut.

Electrodes grown in the brain

The boundaries between biology and technology are becoming blurred. Researchers at Linköping, Lund, and Gothenburg universities in Sweden have successfully grown electrodes in living tissue using the body’s molecules as triggers.

Close-up on part of an ion pump.

An ion pump to deliver chemotherapy agents to the brain

Despite surgery and subsequent treatment with chemotherapy and radiation, the majority of patients experience recurrence of malignant brain tumours. Researchers at LiU have shown that an ion pump can be used to treat brain cancer.



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