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Emily Hofstetter

Associate Professor, Docent

I study everyday human interactions. In my research, I investigate the smallest details of interactions, particularly with recordings of sport and play.

Human interaction and holistic language

I research social interaction – the processes and rules that organize how we humans live in a social world. We usually take ordinary conversations for granted, because they are ubiquitous and permeate everything we do. However, human interaction is a rich and fascinating system, and we are only beginning to understand it.

I currently work on two main projects: one on how voice the body are used together in interaction, and the other on how 'megagames' can be used to enable discussion and pedagogy around climate change.

My previous work has examined several institutional settings, such as neonatal clinics, visiting a local politician, and helping colleagues work in safer environments. I have worked to apply this research in communication training, using the CARM methodology for presenting and discussing interactional research results.

I have made videos about my primary methodology, conversation analysis, and how it works on Youtube.

Further information and full publications and filmclips:

Research project



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