Photo of Eva Ellström

Eva Ellström

Professor emerita

My research and teaching concern the fields of leadership, workplace learning and interpersonal communication.


My research concerns workplace learning, development and change processes in organisations. 

I am presently engaged in a project called “Leadership for learning? Managerial support for workplace learning within elder care”.  The purpose of the project is to contribute to increased knowledge about the role of first-line mangers in promoting co-workers’ learning in and through work, and more generally for organizing and leading learning and development processes at the workplace. The theoretical framework of the project is based on learning- and organisation theory, and intends to integrate theory and research about workplace learning and managerial work and leadership.   ok


  • Professor in Education, 2011
  • Associate Professor in Education, 2001
  • Specialist in Educational Psychology, 2001
  • Specialist in Clinical Psychology, 1997
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Education, 1993
  • Licentiate of Philosophy in Education, 1990
  • Licensed psychologist, 1984
  • Master of Arts (education, psychology, political science), 1974
  • Bachelor of Arts (education, sociology, business administration), 1972



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