My research concerns workplace learning, development and change processes in organisations. 

I am presently engaged in a project called “Leadership for learning? Managerial support for workplace learning within elder care”.  The purpose of the project is to contribute to increased knowledge about the role of first-line mangers in promoting co-workers’ learning in and through work, and more generally for organizing and leading learning and development processes at the workplace. The theoretical framework of the project is based on learning- and organisation theory, and intends to integrate theory and research about workplace learning and managerial work and leadership.   ok


  • Professor in Education, 2011
  • Associate Professor in Education, 2001
  • Specialist in Educational Psychology, 2001
  • Specialist in Clinical Psychology, 1997
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Education, 1993
  • Licentiate of Philosophy in Education, 1990
  • Licensed psychologist, 1984
  • Master of Arts (education, psychology, political science), 1974
  • Bachelor of Arts (education, sociology, business administration), 1972

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