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Frida Andréasson

My research is about informal care and the impact on family life, identity, couplehood and health. Other research interests are technology-based support and participatory research.

Informal care, family life, Heart disease and online support for carers

Informal carers are many times made invisible within health care but they have an important role on a societal level and in relation to the person they are providing help, care and support to.

Among other things, my research group study how families with youths living at home are affected when an adult suffers from heart disease. We also study the effects of an online support programme developed for and together with carers of people with heart failure. Our primary hypothesis is that the online support programme increases informal carers preparedness to care for a person with heart failure.

About me


  • I am a sociologist and a social worker. I have a PhD in Health Science and is currently working as a post doc at the Medical Faculty. Among other things, I have been working as a social worker in the municipality and for several years with Research and Development, and now I am eager to further develop my skills as a researcher during my time as a post doc.


  • I am a member of the Cesar network, which is a network of researchers for collaboration in the area of research in cardiac care in Sweden
  • I am also part of CircM, which is a strategic research network at Linköping University and Region Östergötland
  • I am also part of Ethnographic forum at Linnaeus university in which we as members share an interest for ethnographic research   


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