Circulation and metabolism - CircM

Viruvian man

CircM is a strategic research network for researchers at Linköping University and Region Östergötland within the research field circulation and cardio-metabolic risk factors.

The purpose of the network is to stimulate and strengthen research within the area of circulation and cardiovascular metabolic risk factors with the aim of improving prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. The network includes scientists from the Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Technology at Linköping University, and from Region Östergötland.

The network intends to:

  1. Stimulate contacts between Linköping University's medical and engineering faculties and Region Östergötland
  2. Coordinate, organize and /or support seminars and mini-symposium
  3. Financial contribution can be provided
  4. Organize an annual 2-day conference ("retreat")
  5. Support a PhD student network


You can find publications within our network here:

CircM Publications - Year 2020 (link to Google docs)


CircM consists of about 120 researchers from Linköping University and Region Östergötland.

Go to the Swedish site and click on each researcher's name to read more about their research and see which research projects they are involved in.


Steering group