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Frida Niss

Senior Coordinator

As an innovation advisor at LiU Innovation I work to transform ideas stemming from reasearch at LiU into valorized contributions to the outside world. 

Innovation advisor

Apart from the considerable imprint LiU makes on the academic publishing world, there is a vast potential for utilization of research results in the surrounding society. My mission is to help researchers not only realize this potential, but to guide towards commercialization, collaboration opportunities, or other utilization activities. 

As an innovation advisor at LiU Innovation, I help researchers through the steps of idea development and validation, planning innovation activities, and finding new contact points for continued work. I work with early stage innovation, and as broadly as I can – all ideas are welcome in a first advisory session. My special interests include biotech, cleantech and medical care.  

Get in touch directly with me or through our contact sheet below to know more. 


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LiU Innovation and Collaboration is a part of the International Affairs and Collaborations Division (ISA). Our collective mission is to support researchers, teachers, and students towards innovation and utilization. We develop the university’s capacity for utilization of knowledge through strategic collaboration in close cooperation with the surrounding society.

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