Collaborative consumption and eco-consciousness

My research focus is on peer-to-peer (P2P) exchanges through sharing platforms and sustainability marketing

P2P service exchange

I am interested in collaborative consumption and how people share, rent, exchange products and services instead of owning. I have made several studies in Sweden and abroad on shared mobility services, aiming to better understand and conceptualize peer-to-peer (P2P) service exchanges through online sharing platforms. 

I aim for an in-depth understanding of pure service exchanges directly between private individuals (with no firm involvement in actual physical interactions), such as ridesharing. Specifically, I focus on the cost-saving incentive, exchange authenticity, community feelings, trust in strangers, reciprocity, perceived risks, reputation, service quality, and altruism values; and how these factors impact adoption, satisfaction and re-usage of online sharing platforms.

In 2015 I conducted interviews and document analysis to build case studies of shared mobility platforms. I am interested in their “Transformative Business Models”, which enable these platforms to grow and reach a critical mass of users. 

P2P service exchange

In 2016 I conducted a netnographic study on organized ridesharing back to 2009, which I further developed with participant observations — travelling 2500km by car with other passengers to understand in-depth what members of the ridesharing community actually do when they interact.  

Sustainability marketing

Another pan of my research is embedded in exploring how environmental concerns influence consumption practices. My research interest comes from a belief that the sustainability challenge will not be solved by greener technology alone. Changing how people consume resources is the key.

I'm the lead author on a retailing paper based on an eye tracking experiment. We wanted to see (literally) how shoppers search for green products, and how do they make a choice depending on their visual attention on elements of the store and packaging details. The study concludes that retailers can influence green shopping behaviour by displaying relevant information and orienting them inside the store (i.e. signalling eco-friendly products with green price tags), and avoiding greenwashing practices (i.e. display of products with misleading packaging).

This video presents a marketing experiment using the eye tracking technology.

Besides, I am interested in extending the concept of “Green Service” as a dematerialized alternative to ownership. As Sweden is a leader in sustainability initiatives, my coauthors and I have collected sufficient and relevant data from the agricultural and transportation industries, and diverse consumer markets (i.e. Cradle-to-cradle products, redistribution systems, car sharing, eco-friendly and fair trade certified groceries) to develop a green service framework.
The green service framework demonstrates conceptually and empirically, the ability to not only mitigate negative impact on the environment, but also to have a positive impact. I emphasize the different employee and customer roles, and how their practices influence the firm’s overall impact on sustainability.


I lecture mainly in marketing courses on consumer behavior, service marketing, sustainability marketing, and research methods. I like to bring my research in class and involve students with relevant practical applications of theory. 

  • Service Marketing
  • Fundamental Marketing
  • Advanced Consumer Marketing
  • Classic Leadership and Organizational Dilemmas
  • Consumer Behaviour

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Academic Degrees

  • PhD in Business Administration, Linköping University, Sweden, 2019
  • Master of Science in Business Administration, Strategy and Management in International Organizations, Linköping University, Sweden, 2013.
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Marketing, Linnaeus University, Sweden, 2011.
  • Bachelor in Management, Business Administration,  Bretagne Business School, France, 2011.

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