Overcoming behavioral barriers towards consumer product remanufacturing, STIGMA

A woman looking at som keywords that is associatet with remanufacturing. These words are manufacturing, reuse, remarketing, circular economy, circular solutiosn product as a service, sustainable, consumer behavior.

The STIGMA project tackles waste prevention and product life extension issues and illuminates circular solutions to enable continuous product use/reuse, such as Product as a Service (PaaS) and Remanufacturing.

While some consumer product manufacturers approach Remanufacturing as an enabler for their circular businesses, there is little evidence of customers’ involvement in the development and testing of innovative service offerings using remanufactured products. To better adapt to a circular economy (CE) and the changing consumption pattern, manufacturers need to better understand customer behavior regarding their used/remanufactured products.

Therefore, project STIGMA has an overall objective to identify and assess customer behavior towards used/remanufactured consumer products. The desired outcomes of the project are the development of “30 small actions for green consumer behavior” for public society – actions that support PaaS and Remanufacturing. Those actions are achieved through different means, including policymakers and manufacturers, and are shared in different channels with public society.

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