School transitions, school-age educare and children's perspectives

In several projects I have investigated different aspects of children’s everyday life in and perspectives on school, preschool class and school-age educare (fritidshem). One recuring aspect is school transitions, i.e. the start of school, and how children understand and make sense of different school practices and the transitions between them. I am also interested in children's everyday life in educational settings and have, for example, studied school-age educare centers as arenas for children's social relationships through ethnographic methods and interviews with children. These studies include children's friendships as well as exclusion and loneliness. Other areas of my research include children's meaning-making of school-age educare centers as arenas for activities such as teaching, leisure and play.

The ongoing project ‘Experiences of social inclusion and well-being in school for disabled children during to the Covid19 pandemic’ examines experiences of social inclusion during the Covid19 pandemic from the perspective of children, parents and teachers.

Teachers' work and collaboration

In several projects, I have also studied teachers' work, mainly with focus on collaboration and pupil participation. In the project ‘Preschool class in a time of transition’, preschool class teachers' work and understanding of the role and mission of the preschool class has been.

Another line of research is practice-based research and development. Using action research methods I have research issues such as co-operation between teachers in primary school, preschool class and school-age educare; teaching in school-age educare; and inclusive learning environments. The Erasmus project SIPP aims to develop teachers' work with social inclusion and the project Playing aims to develop preschool teachers' work with play.

A particular interest in relation to teachers' work is how children's perspectives and participation can be developed and utilized in both school development research and teaching.

Research Projects