Working with Eurovision in school-age educare center

A pair of twins dancing.

This project examines the role of the Mello (the Swedish competition for Eurovision) in  school-age centre, focusing on how the Mello takes place in children's everyday life and how teachers use the Mello in teaching and activities.

The Swedish competition for the Eurovision song contest (“mello”) is a popular culture phenomenon that engages many children. This is also something that has been picked up by various educational settings, not least school-age educare (SAEC) centers. The role of this phenomenon can be linked to the mission of SAEC, which states that teaching should be based on children’s interests, experiences and needs. However, knowledge of such teaching in SAEC is limited.

To investigate different aspects of the role of “mello” in SAEC the project uses different methods. To study how the “mello” is used in teaching and activities, a questionnaire study and in-depth interviews are conducted. Teachers’ written planning is also collected. To study how “mello” takes place in everyday SACE practice, observations is carried out in SAEC centers.



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