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CO2 written in cloud letters on a blue sky.

Risky path to meeting climate targets for Stockholm

Stockholm aims to capture more carbon dioxide than is emitted by 2030. Therefore, the city is investing in new technology. But it is a strategy that has been adopted without sufficient discussion of the risks, says researchers at LiU.

Demo of autonomous vehicle in Visionen.

ISY Day 2024 – AI in Society, Education, and Research

This year’s edition of ISY Day offered lectures, discussions, and demonstrations within this year's theme "AI in Society, Education, and Research". A theme that is both current and highly relevant at the Department of Electrical Engineering.

People talking by a meeting table

Junior researchers in the spotlight at medical humanities network meeting

The Centre for Medical Humanities and Bioethics brought together researchers for a network meeting in the field of medical humanities. The meeting aimed to promote dialogue in and provided ample presentation opportunities for junior researchers.