People with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and their significant others

RA has a major impact on everyday life and often leads to less participation in activities.

Significant others also have a major effect on the everyday lives of these people, both in a positive and negative way. Often it is significant others who can provide the most important support, but they can also show a lack of understanding, which has a negative impact. How do we go about ensuring significant others provide that all-important support in the best way possible? And what support do the significant others themselves need to achieve this?

In my thesis, I would like to look at significant others as resources that enable people with RA to take part in everyday life.


I am involved in teaching on the Occupational Therapy programme, both as a base group tutor and contact person, and I also supervise essays. My work in these roles is with students in semester 4, on courses 6 and 7, and, as a contact person, I liaise during students’ work-based training. I also supervise students writing essays for their Bachelor's degrees. 

Professional qualifications, essays and presentations
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Professional qualifications

  • Arbetsterapeutprogrammet (The Occupational Therapy Programme), Linköping University, 2006
  • Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy, Jönköping University, 2014


  • Perceptions of the vocational rehabilitation process among women with fibromyalgia
  • Bachelor’s thesis, 2006
  • 'Like the worst toothache you've had' – how people with rheumatoid arthritis describe and manage pain
  • Master’s thesis, 2014


Poster presentation of my Master’s thesis at the ACR/ARHP in Boston in 2014, at Reumadagarna 2014, and at Arbetsterapiforum (the Occupational Therapy forum) in Gothenburg in 2015.

Collaboration with researchers in Occupational therapy
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