Occupational therapy research

Close up of a hand holding a red piece of puzzle. Under the hand there are a lot more pieces, but they are white.
Pieces of a puzzle.

Occupational therapy research at Linköping University focuses on obstacles to functioning in everyday life and encompasses children and young people as well as adults and the very oldest.

In general terms, the research is about activity and participation in everyday life, in relation to the demands of the environment, and about how the interaction between individual, activity and environment can be understood, changed and met. Many of our researchers are exploring technology as a possibility and an obstacle to people with disabilities. Other important fields of research include obstacles to functioning in schools as seen from the pupils’ point of view, and work rehabilitation. This research has considerable relevance for society and aims to increase people’s opportunities for activity and participation in schools, housing and work.

We have divided our research into four different themes, with associated projects.

We also have two independent research projects, not included in these themes.

Research groups

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