In my research I develop models and methods for planning, controlling and follow-up of railway traffic. The overall aim is to improve the utilization of the railway system through improved flexibility, efficiency, and reliability. I am heavily involved also in research coordination to strengthen the research in this area.

I am the director of the national research program Capacity in the Railway Traffic System (KAJT) and thereby I cooperate closely with Trafikverket and other actors within the Swedish railway research. I am an Adjunct Senior Lecturer at Linköping University and my main employer is RISE Research Institutes of Sweden. My own primary research area is (nowadays) related to railway punctuality, efficient marshalling yards and flexibility of rail freight transports. I prefer working close to applications and for me it is an important motivator to contribute to the development of the railway system.

Privately, I am a passioned cross country skier and summertime and like long distance running, preferably in the mountains.

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