Global conference in railway research in Norrköping

Linköping University is host for the international research conference RailNorrköping 2019, where more than 250 participants from 20 countries will discuss and present their results. One hot topic at the conference is how to ensure that more trains arrive on time.

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“The question of how to increase punctuality is, of course, intensely discussed in many countries, just as it is in Sweden. Another important issue is the deregulation of rail traffic, and here Sweden has taken the lead”, says Anders Peterson, associate professor of traffic systems at Linköping University, and head of the conference.

RailNorrköping 2019 will be held in the university premises in Norrköping, 17-20 June 2019. Researchers from all over the world will present their work on the planning and control of railways. The conference covers a wide range of topics and sessions will deal with timetable design, train dispatch, strategic planning of infrastructure, capacity analysis, punctuality and delay analysis, vehicle resource planning, maintenance planning, passenger flow analysis, freight traffic, driver support, and much more.

Linköping University has coordinated the ten-year research programme Capacity in the Railway Traffic System (KAJT) since 2013. The programme has basic funding from the Swedish Transport Administration and unites seven Swedish research environments with the Swedish Transport Administration and companies in the industry.

“Swedish research is an international leader in the railway field. Most of the research areas within KAJT will be presenting results in an international context at the conference”, says Martin Joborn, adjunct senior lecturer in traffic systems at Linköping University and programme coordinator of KAJT.

Translated by George Farrants


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