03 May 2023

Small and medium-sized companies need more knowledge to create a circular economy and sustainable business. That is why the Circular Östergötland website exists.

grupp, fyra kvinnor och en man framför affisch.
Ulrik Svedin
The website is aimed at the business world but also at the support system, i.e. various actors and industrial organisations that promote entrepreneurship in Östergötland.

The purpose of the project is to spread knowledge about circular economy and circular business models to various business actors, organisations and companies that operate within Östergötland.

The intention is also to highlight good examples of companies that work with sustainability issues.

- We need to inform the support system so that those actors can then inform the companies, says Marianna Lena Kambanou, assistant university lecturer in industrial environmental technology, at the Department of Management and Engineering (IEI) at Linköping University.


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