I work with key issues of collaboration and utilization where LiU cooperates with many other universities, nationally and internationally.


In my role, I have a special responsibility for LiUs strategic partnership program. The assignment is performed in close cooperation with LiU management and deputy vice chancellor for external relations, Peter Värbrand.
The assignment holds an operational responsibility where I ensure that the cooperation works well with activity plans and follow-ups with our partners. It is very inspiring to work in the world between the big companies / organizations and LiU. Two very different organizations that challenge and strengthen each other with the goal of achieving greater competitiveness and attractiveness for both parties!


My lastest experience is from LiU Holding AB where I worked as a business coordinator to match external companies/organizations with knowledge at LiU. I was also the head of LiU Relation. I have a PhD from LiU within biochemistry and proud alumni from the research school Forum Scientium. Since 2001 I have versatile experience of innovation and knowledge transfer at LiU. I have e.g. worked as an “idea searcher”, business developer, Head of Knowledge Transfer Office, Managing Director of University Holding AB, and have held several board positions at subsidiaries of LiUs holding company, including the Lead AB and Spetsa AB. At LiU I have been the chairman of the biogas research center for many years. In a national context, I have been a member of the board in the National Business Plan Competition, Venture Cup, and participated in the development of the National Professional Training Committee for SNITTS - Swedish Network for Innovation & Technology Transfer Support.

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