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Mattis Karlsson

Associate Professor


In 2022 Mattis Karlsson defended his PhD thesis From Fossil to Fact – The Denisova Discovery as Science in Action. The thesis follows the discovery of the Denisova human, from fossil to fact. A process studied as a case of collective production of knowledge and meaning. It is a crossdisciplinarity thesis, inspired by culture studies, STS and sociology of science. The theoretical and methodological premisses are inspired by actor network theory (ANT) as suggested by amongst others Bruno Latour, Michel Callon and Annemarie Mol.

Karlsson is RA in the ERC-project Patents as Scientific Information 1895-2020 (PASSIM), led by Professor Eva Hemmungs Wirtén.

As of fall 2022, Karlsson works as senior lecturer at the Division of Social Work, teaching primarily in sociology, methods in social sciences and research design.






Mattis Karlsson (2022) From Fossil To Fact: The Denisova Discovery as Science in Action


Mattis Karlsson (2018) On Being Here: A Conversation on Methodology Culture Unbound. Journal of Current Cultural Research, Vol. 9, p. 342-344 Continue to DOI