Environmental technologies for a sustainable future

Environmental technologies play a central role in solving environmental problems and contributing to sustainable development. But to do so, the technologies must be used and diffused.

I am interested in how development and diffusion of environmental technologies can be facilitated. Combining a fundamental understanding of the causes of environmental problem with innovation, entrepreneurship and corporate management theories I create a unique ground for my research.

Environmental innovation and entrepreneurship

Environmental innovations must be diffused and used at a large scale to achieve the desired positive effects which they were designed to give. My research is about how companies are stimulated and supported to innovate and how environmental innovations can bring economic and societal development. In relation to this I am particularly interested in export and diffusion of environmental innovations to other countries and how environmental technologies can contribute to a sustainable urban development.

Corporate environmental management

My earlier research focussed on corporate environmental management more specifically management systems and strategic management in small companies and local authorities. An area in which I still have some activities and PhD-supervision.


I teach engineering students in environmental technology, corporate environmental management and environmentally driven business development.

Regional collaboration

I cooperate since more than ten years with regional business support organisations in supporting small businesses in the area of sustainable strategy and product development.

Short texts



Leif Thuresson, Jonas Ammenberg, Olof Hjelm (2023) Reningsteknik Miljöteknik: för en hållbar utveckling, p. 117-142
Jonas Ammenberg, Leif Thuresson, Olof Hjelm (2023) Globala miljöproblem Miljöteknik: för en hållbar utveckling, p. 39-70


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Additional roles and responsibilities

  • Head of division
  • Supervising four PhD-students
  • Expert evaluator at the Swedish Agency for Innovation, Vinnova
  • Board member of the cluster initiative Cleantech Östergötland


  • Fil. Dr 1996
  • Docent 2005
  • Professor 2012